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International Services

Wolgel Law offers its services to U.S. citizens living anywhere in the world providing the same level of professionalism and efficiency as is given to clients in the U.S. and Israel.
Please read some of our international client testimonials
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International Client Testimonials

Please contact us: Israel: 972 – 2590 – 3444 or email:

” I now have three new US citizen children naturalized using their
grandfather’s residency.

I was very happy with Michele Coven’s work. I chose her because she clearly has experience in the N600K field – I am not interested in paying lawyers to learn their work. Her fees are low for legal assistance I believe that this is because she knows this area of law very well and so is much more efficient than many others might be.

I live in Europe and it was no problem working with Michele using
Skype, phone and email.

Should you wish to contact me please feel to email me:

Paul Harmsworth

” Mrs. Michele Coven Wolgel is a competent, reliable and trustworthy lawyer with exceptional legal skills in handling US citizenship issues.
I live in Greece and I worked with Mrs. Wolgel internationally on a family case.

Michele garners my unequivocal recommendation as she is highly efficient with great interpersonal skills and perseverance, an outstanding professional!

For Michele, true professionalism knows no distance. “

Maria K.

” I reside in Argentina, and have been working with Michele Coven on US citizenship matters for my children. Michele has proven to be highly experienced on the subject, providing a very professional and diligent service throughout the process. “

Eduardo Zemborain

” I am a US Citizen, but had live almost all my life in Nicaragua, Central America. My problem is that I do not comply with the years of physical residency to pass citizenship to my children.

So with my daughter  things started to look gray. Last december, she was six months away of her 18th birthday , and I found myself almost hopeless about her situation. I knew that the citizenship through a grandparent existed, but was completely misguided about it at us embassy in Managua.

I searched the internet and found Michele Coven Wolgel.
Got in contact with Michele, and let me tell you in 2 months I got my interview day for march 12 in Albany New York.

Much more the time was taken for translation from Spanish to English, or waiting for the big December snow storm in Jerusalem to cease, than the actual time that Michele took to get the interview for my daughter.

I am really, extremely thankful to her, she is a very professional person. “

Roxana Waid

” We started late in the N600k process for our eldest daughter and were facing the prospect of her timing out. Having spent valuable time and dollars on so-called immigration lawyers who were unable to help, we stumbled across Michele’s name while doing a web search.

She immediately took on the case and within hours had organized an appointment with USCIS.

Subsequently she processed our other three children , involving moving files from one office to another, and all 4 are now US citizens.

Michele has her own way of doing things and it works. We found her to be a consummate professional throughout and wish to express our thanks again. “

Trish and Jerry

Please contact us: Israel: 972 – 2590 – 3444 or email: